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What is the Dash? Dash (DASH) - is a private cryptocurrency, allowing to make instant payments. Dash had based Bitcoin source code and built its own 2 the rank network architecture that enables the implementation of unique improvements. Dash allows you to make payments instantly and without limit, while maintaining the same financial anonymity as when paying cash. When using Bitcoin transactions are published in the blokcheyne, making publicly available all the operations of sending and receiving money. In contrast, when using the Dash can be the embedded anonymization technology, as a result of which track user fees becomes impossible. This distinction is important, because blokcheyn - a publicly available database in which payment history and information about the cash balances of saved users forever. Dash has solved this problem by introducing a unique mechanism at the level of anonymization network protocol. The innovative architecture of the decentralized network Masternod does not allow anybody to violate her job or to keep track of user transactions. Remittances Dash implemented almost instantly due to the new system of distributed transaction confirmation Masternod network. This provides a significant advantage over the Bitcoins in which transactions are confirmed only Miner to that spent a lot of time.